New Elf called Mar1e - dumb question, before I start modding #Homebrew #Electronics


Hi All,

I really want to display the current address when I'm loading a program. I hate working blind, especially as I have to step through to the byte before the one I want to alter. I think my DMA might be misbehaving, and seeing the address I'm about to correct (or corrupt) will help.

Here's the dumb question. If I want to latch the lowest 8 bits of the address bus and show them on LEDs, can I use a 74HCT373 octal latch with its strobe input connected directly to TPB? It seems to me that the lower byte of the address will be stable on the bus when TPB is high (making the latch transparent) and TPB will go low (closing the latch) before the address changes. 

I expect it's not that simple... it rarely is. Any advice gratefully received.

John (Mar1e's dad)

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