Re: Thai CDP 1802 #Wichit

Paul Schmidt

I don’t think there is any offense from the use of “Thai kit” or similar. I just think that for the initiated folks, referencing Wichit’s name will just give credit where it is due, and for the uninitiated folks, ADDING Wichit’s name (preferably full name, but “Wichit” might suffice as an easy to remember abbreviation) can only help avoid confusion and also help give due credit.


Same way we usually mention Lee Hart’s name in relation to his kits, etc; instead of saying “Minnesota kits”.




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Subject: Re: [cosmacelf] Thai CDP 1802


Hi Folks,


I was the first person to coin the name "Thai kit". I imagined that everyone had either heard of or dealt with Wichit Sirichote since he has been a fairly prolific producer of good quality and well documented Microprocessor Kits over the past few years. I purchased a few of his kits and they have always provided many hours of entertainment and enlightenment at a very reasonable cost. Furthermore, Wichit seems to be a nice guy, always prepared to help and give advice on some of my wacky ideas.


Please accept my apologies for any offence.







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