Re: Thai CDP 1802 #Wichit

John Miles

Hi Rick,

The monitor and BASIC code (Hex file) came from Chuck Yakym (the-eagle) and I simply burned it into a 32k eprom, so I didn´t do much at all.

I believe that the same code is available for the Membership Card.

Please note that the Thai kit has no mass storage, so saving/loading your work in BASIC3 can only be done over the serial link using putty or something similar.



On Sat, 6 Apr 2019 at 01:59, Rick <rppolicy@...> wrote:
Hi John,

I recently purchased the 8085 version, and have I’ve been tempted to get the 1802 version. It would definitely be worth it to have a decent monitor and BASIC.  Is the code you mentioned available?

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