Re: Frankenstein Board Grows #Homebrew

Timothy Stoddard

VERY nice, neat work! I really love the way you mounted the TIL311s ... very cool!
I see your Weller station... have you looked at the open source TS100 soldering iron? They are a bit pricey, but they are very light-weight, heat up to full temp in 4-10 seconds, on-board micro senses movement and puts it in lower temp when idle, and shuts it down after a user settable time. Temperature fully settable and an option to temporarily boost temp (also settable) by pressing and holding one of the buttons (GREAT for soldering a large part).They can be powered by LiPos and again, the micro shuts it off if the LiPo is close to empty... just too many features to mention... These are by far the best soldering irons I have ever used in my 55+ years of soldering! I have sold and/or stored all my other soldering stations... I just don't use them any more! Just search on them, they are sold everywhere by a lot of vendors... I got mine on Amazon.

Tim Stoddard
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