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Magnus Kesselmark

The EFA was published in a series of books educational books, starting from basic electrics and electronics to the computer. The books were published in 1983, and the PCB was a DIY-thing. A good sketch was published in the 4th book (Electronics For Everyone – part 4: A microcomputer in ‘slow motion’).
The PCB was single sided to make it easy for DIYers to make their on.
However I got my PCB from a small electronics shop that also sells surplus. Where the PCBs came, I don’t know. At the moment I am interested in redesign the layout and simplify everything by making it 2-sided and also swapping the hard-to-find and expensive 1823 RAM by the also hard-to-find but maybe cheaper 2101 and equivalents.
My very first 1802 was based on the ELF and wired. However it was stolen together with most of my electronic stuff 20 years ago.
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very nice - both the schematic and the EFA are in excellent condition - those are vintage - right?
I think the first contraption i built myself involved a 128 byte ram, leds,  and some switches, i can't remember if it had a cpu!

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I have ended up with two Membership cards (rev E and G) and tried to sell the E to a guy here in Sweden who had gotten an interest in the 1802 CPU. However, he wanted something simpler and wanted me to sell him some of my CPUs. There was a educational kit based on 1802, built a bit like the Card, but with the small RCA 128 byte RAM, switches and LEDs on a rather spacious PCB..
Anyway I am happy to be able to mentor a guy interesting in the simple things.
Heres the EFA-computer (schematics) (EFA – Elektronik För Alla {Electronics For Everybody})
This is mine (rubbed the numbers off the decal sheet)
Anyway it’s cool that people do pay attantion to the old stuff, even though an Arduino solves a more complex problem much faster that the 1802, there are moments when some fiddling with HEX-code is such a health cure for the inner spirit.
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Welcome to the COSMAC ELF group!

Virtual or not, you can still appreciate the simplicity of this CPU.

But, you'll really get a kick out of running one in your own hands.

Josh Bensadon

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