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Magnus Kesselmark

I have ended up with two Membership cards (rev E and G) and tried to sell the E to a guy here in Sweden who had gotten an interest in the 1802 CPU. However, he wanted something simpler and wanted me to sell him some of my CPUs. There was a educational kit based on 1802, built a bit like the Card, but with the small RCA 128 byte RAM, switches and LEDs on a rather spacious PCB.
Anyway I am happy to be able to mentor a guy interesting in the simple things.
Heres the EFA-computer (schematics) (EFA – Elektronik För Alla {Electronics For Everybody})
This is mine (rubbed the numbers off the decal sheet)
Anyway it’s cool that people do pay attantion to the old stuff, even though an Arduino solves a more complex problem much faster that the 1802, there are moments when some fiddling with HEX-code is such a health cure for the inner spirit.

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Subject: [cosmacelf] Re: 1802 "Membership Card"


Welcome to the COSMAC ELF group!

Virtual or not, you can still appreciate the simplicity of this CPU.

But, you'll really get a kick out of running one in your own hands.

Josh Bensadon

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