Re: IEEE Spectrum inducts the 1802 into the Chip Hall of Fame

bill rowe

That's a great writeup stephen - very well written and kudos to you for putting it forward.  I knew about "Fred" etc and, of course, the Popular Electronics articles but i had not really realized that weisbecker thought the home market was important.

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Hello all,

The official announcement is July 5th, but I wanted to give you folks a heads up that we've soft-launched the 2018 class of inductees for IEEE Spectrum's Chip Hall of Fame, which tries to tell the stories behind the invention of influential integrated circuits. Included in this year's class is the 1802!

For me, the most fascinating part of my research for the citation was reading Joe Weisbecker's own words in two 1974 articles in "Computer" magazine, where he pretty much laid out the home computer revolution, right down to people swapping programs in magazines. He was a true visionary, and my own hope is that the Hall of Fame induction helps make him even just a little bit better known to today's techies.

Anyhoo, I hope you all like it!



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