Re: PayPal fee hike coming (AU customers at least)

Magnus Kesselmark

Time to say goodbye to PayPal?!
I am also wondering about the exchange rates. Are they OK or do PP skim some pfennig, shillings and cents when “translating” one currency to another?.

Sent: Thursday, March 01, 2018 5:39 PM
Subject: [cosmacelf] PayPal fee hike coming (AU customers at least)

I've just received an email from PayPal regarding changes that begin on April 5th.

"Fee for sending money to a friend or family member"

"We’ve simplified the fee we charge when sending money internationally. Now, PayPal balance and bank account payments will incur a fixed fee of $5.99 AUD, instead of a percentage of the amount you are sending."

I believe the fee is currently 1% of the transfer value, so the "simplification" amounts to "we will be charging you more to send money internationally unless you are sending more than $599 AUD". That's simplification I could do without thank you! Perhaps they are taking lessons from the banks, who are expect gougers with fees.
Cheers, Ian.


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