Only about a month until CordaCon!

Mike Hearn

It's that time of year again - I just booked my flights to London for CordaCon 2019 (23rd-24th October), and so should you!

For those who haven't been before, CordaCon is a two day event: there's DevDay and BizDay. Last year I enjoyed both, especially hearing about the practical business use cases people are solving with Corda.

This year's DevDay is shaping up to have a particular focus on secure enclaves/SGX, but there's going to be plenty of interesting content whatever your focus. Some talks that I'll be trying to attend include:
  1. "Enabling the future of settlement" by Dave Ramsden from the Bank of England
  2. Bitcoin on Corda, by Roger Willis. Rog and I have been talking about this topic for years so I'll be interested to see what he comes up with.
  3. Managing private algorithms in SGX enclaves by Kubilay Ahmet Küçük, a research at the University of Oxford
  4. "Transforming Healthcare Operations with Blockchain", as I don't know much about the healthcare market
  5. Digital assets for device-to-device payments by Vodafone
  6. Zero knowledge tx verification by Matthijs van den Bos of ING
  7. Cordacity, a talk by Matt Layton of TradeIX on some of the API extensions he's been working on
But really, just check out the whole agenda on the website.

The videos will be posted online some time after the conference. Attendance is free, so see you there 🙂