Managed Corda networks and nodes


Hello Corda community, 

I work for Chainstack, a company based out of Singapore building a PaaS for rapidly deploying managed blockchain networks and nodes. We support deployment across multiple clouds and building with multiple protocols.

We've seen a lot of interest from people who are looking to simplify and streamline their development with Corda, or just want to get a prototype up and running quickly and at scale. So over the past couple of months we've been hard at work designing a solution that will provide value to the Corda developer community - and we'd love your feedback! Our solution includes:

1. The ability to quickly spin up dynamic compatibility zones, complete with NMS, non-validating notary and participant nodes. 
2. Joining a public network like the Corda Testnet.
2. Managing CorDapps on a node.

See a quick video demo attached below.

If you are interested in getting early access to our solution and would be willing to provide us with some feedback in return, please drop us a message below or get in touch at We will also be at CordaCon later this year.

Find out more about us at

Thank you, 
Jona Smulders Cohen | Product Manager | Chainstack