error when I add compile "" to cordapp project dependency


Ones I add the dependency, and I run my 'gradle clean deployNodes' I get

 Exception while signing smart-guarantee-0.1.jar, ensure the 'cordapp.signing.options' entry contains correct keyStore configuration, or disable signing by 'cordapp.signing.enabled false'. Run with --info or --debug option and search for 'ant:signjar' in log output.

and when I run 'gradle clean deployNodes -Dsigning.enabled=false', the error becomes:

Execution failed for task ':deployNodes'.
> jarsigner returned: 1

The actual thing I am doing is I have a method to upload file to azure blob storage which works as a separate project with the "" dependency, but ones I add the working project as a library to my corda project, then then I get a "
" on the dependency classes so it does not work. Now I want to do the implementation inside my cordapp project itself and them the dependency error arises

Please someone should help attend to this as a matter of urgency.


Mike Hearn


This list has a wide distribution and isn't really meant for 1:1 developer support. For that please post a question to StackOverflow, ask on Slack, or use an R3 support contract. You'll get better and faster assistance that way. I've set your account such that future mails can be redirected to private discussion first before going out to the list.

But, here's what I suspect is going wrong. Try putting

cordapp.signing.enabled false

at the bottom of your build.gradle file instead, or put it inside the cordapp block like this:

cordapp {
   signing {
     enabled false

You shouldn't ship your app in this way because otherwise it'll be much harder to upgrade, so don't disable signing just as a quick kludge to try and meet a launch deadline.

W.R.T. the dependency issue make sure you've split your app into contracts and workflows modules as described in the documentation, and then add the Azure dependency to the workflows module using a Gradle dependency (but not the contracts module). Gradle should then include all the dependencies as well. And of course make sure you're using the very latest version of Corda, as dependency handling got a lot of upgrades in recent versions.