Distributed tracing of transactions in Corda platform

Luis Trigueiros <luistrigueiros@...>


Is there any how to, blog, or documentation reference about implementing distributed tracing with the likes of Zipkin or Jaeger ?

My questions is if one does log aggregation from different several corda nodes in for example ELK how can I stitch together all the log statements that happen in the several different nodes to have a unified view of the transaction ? 

Normally this requires so sort of unique transaction id  to be added to the log statements as part of a business transaction from beginning to the end and then one uses this id to query for all the log statements of this transaction across the several nodes.

I can see doing this manually by coding my CordApp to cater for this concern, but I feel that this should be handled at the platform level.

Thank you, kindly
  Luis Oscar Trigueiros

Mike Hearn

Hi Luis,

We agree and are already working on this feature as part of Corda Enterprise. If the work completes it may ship in a future version.