Corda resources


Hello Everyone, 
Reaching out to share some resources that we’re producing around building and interacting with Corda. 
As we recently launched our support for Corda on Chainstack, we’ve been busy adding information to our docs site about Corda as a whole and how developers can build with it, including a tutorial for deploying a CorDapp to enable events ticket distribution on a network. Check out some of our resources at the links below:
We value great documentation and would appreciate any feedback from this community, so please feel free to commit changes or get in touch if you’d like to discuss more. 
Also, final shameless plug that we’ll be hosting a webinar ‘Build Better with Corda’ on Tuesday November 5th at 17:00 (UTC+08.00). If your time zone happens to be awake at that time, it would be great to see you there. You can register at We'll also send some material after the fact for anyone who isn't able to attend.