startTrackedFlow- Allow more arguments to be passed to startTrackedFlow


Other option is to wrap all your parameters into an object and pass it using startTrackedFlow. This will provide you with the type safety as well.

Chief Whistler

Was recommended by R3 team to use StartTrackFlowDynamic

Anyone have other wisdom, please pass on

Chief Whistler

We also have the same allowing more argument problem as mentioned here
Briefed more about it in this video  

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-- founder Shanmugavel Sankaran here
Happy 2020 🎅 President Tweeted Whistleblower name, is it right ?
NixWhistle 🎁 here to solve that problem using blockchain.
Blockchain has been my biggest inspiration off late to solve many humanity problems. After bootstrapping FixNix Inc for 7 years making Salesforce for Governance, Risk and compliance available, this is my second startup.

Partnered with R3 Corda

Enabling anonymity for whistleblowers through blockchain and also ensures they get rewards through token is our primary objective in NixWhistle. This will enable employees to speak up more. Existing monopoly in Hotline/Whistleblower is not innovating. Also Glassdoor kind of solutions are also not enabling employees to listen to their employees and reward for genuine feedback

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