Refreshed white papers now available

Mike Hearn


I've updated and extended the technical white paper. The first version of this was released in 2016 and described the Corda architecture. The new version can be found here:

It contains many changes and improvements:

  1. New sections on versioning, business networks, identity, network parameters, tokens, scalability.
  2. A new Future Work section containing things we haven't implemented yet, to make it clearer what's done and what isn't. New subsections in future work include:
    1. Micronodes
    2. Secure software update
    3. Social key recovery and key rotation
    4. Privacy upgrades
    5. Machine identity
    6. Data streams
    7. Human interaction
    8. Global ledger encryption using enclaves
So there's lots of new content.

The tech white paper is 73 pages long and gives 40 citations. It is the comprehensive bible of Corda's design.

Additionally back in May Richard rewrote the intro white paper to update it. It summarises the Corda model and discusses the global Corda Network:

At a comparatively svelte 20 pages, it may be a more digestable read.