C++ Serialisation, some early work and a PR

Katelyn Baker

My current side project has been implementing the Corda Serialization format and framework in a non JVM language, so being me of course I chose C++. Mike H has been coming at this problem from a different angle at the same time and we want to eventually meet in the middle… and the best way to start that process is get some code into the repo in Experimental.


At the moment, this is basically a re-implementation of the Blob Inspector (one that doesn’t understand associative containers at the moment) and doesn’t serialise or deserialise actual objects, rather it can understand the schema definition in the envelope, construct deserialisers for each type, then stream the binary payload through them and dump it to JSON on stdout.


It’s all extremely WIP but it’s a good start methinks


PR is open on GH here: https://github.com/corda/corda/pull/5368




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