Re: Timestamp on Transactions

Mike Hearn

There's never a bad time to invoke special relativity!

TrueTime uses time windows too, they're just automatically adapted to be as small as possible with as tight a tolerance as possible. Clock drift causes time windows to be widened, which means transactions take longer to commit and thus latency / resource usage goes up, but otherwise is handled appropriately.

You can order transactions by taking the mid-point of the time window (assuming it's closed at both ends) and treating that as the canonical timestamp. Of course many transactions may end up being located on the exact same moment of the timeline and those can't be ordered temporally, a consistent ordering would need to fall back to e.g. hash or perhaps better, hash of the notary signatures, to stop people trying to game their position in the list by grinding the Merkle root.

But for billing it's maybe not needed. A local clock is sufficient.

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