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I'm curious to know if moveToken operation or function requires private key. I understand with EOS etc. public blockchain initiative, each send or transfer operation requires private key of the sender (account or user), which I think is a good idea from security point of view because with the private key requirement and when it is not stored on the file system then even if the account (sender)'s password is hacked, the hacker won't be able to steal since he/she does not have the private key.

Though I'm not a Corda developer I'm keenly interested in crypto economy concept and Corda's development.


(Don) Chunshen Li

On Thu, May 23, 2019 at 6:44 AM <hanubc7743@...> wrote:
Hi All,
We have modeled 2 scenarios using TokenSDK, outlined below, using Ownable state.
Scenario 1: issueToken - Self issue of tokens i.e. PartyA issuing tokens to itself
Scenario 2: moveToken - moving tokens between 2 parties, for instance transferring from PartyA (issuer) to PartyB (receiver).
These 2 scenarios have been perfectly woking in Corda 3.0. Later we migrated to code to Corda 4.0, to integrate with ‘accounts’ capability. We are facing a strange issue in Scenario 2 - moveTokens. 
When tokens are moved between parties; the transaction is updated in issuer ledger/vault immediately, but not in receiver ledger/vault. The receive ledger lags by one update. For instance, after 3 moveToken transactions with PartyA as issuer and PartyB as receiver, with vault query we could see a 3 ledger updates in PartyA value, whilst only 2 in PartyB. The receiver vault is always showing ’N-1’ state. Apart the required code alignment for compiling in Corda 4, code set is are across projects. 
Appreciate your help to resolve this issue. Let me know, if you need more details.
PS: We have raised this in Corda Slack community as well.


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