Re: corda-finance-workflows packaged with jackson?

Shams Asari

Hey Qian


The finance-workflows jar uses Jackson for legacy reasons. It was a lot worse than this in Corda 3 which we tried to fix up for Corda 4, but fell short of removing it completely. However, we should be able to do this for Corda 5.


What do you mean by the “real” Jackson jar? Does it conflict with the version of Jackson that you wish to use?




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Date: Monday, 20 May 2019 at 03:11
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Subject: [corda-dev] corda-finance-workflows packaged with jackson?


As the above picture, I see the corda-finance-workflows packages the com.fasterxml.jackson, which results in a dependency issues if I want to use the real jackson jar as my dependency. So why Corda inline the jackson? How to remove these class from my dependency graph?

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