New co-maintainer: Joel Dudley

Mike Hearn


I’m happy to announce that Corda has a new co-maintainer, Joel Dudley. Many of you already know Joel from Slack, office hours, developer training, his tireless work writing samples/docs and so on.

The role of a co-maintainer is to triage issues and review PRs. Joel is who you should poke if a PR or issue you opened isn’t getting enough attention, by emailing this list or contacting him on Slack. He’ll also help you through the contribution process if you are helpful enough to send a patch.

(Co-)maintainers don’t manage releases. The release manager for the 3.x branch is Kat Baker (katelyn.baker@...). She is who to talk to if you believe a bug fix or tweak should make it into a 3.x release. Release management rotates between different people for each major release.

As Corda has grown, I haven’t been able to always provide the level of attention your contributions deserve. Please accept my apologies if you feel an issue or PR you submitted took too long for us to get to. With Joel now formally appointed as a co-maintainer that should cease to be an issue.

In case of disagreement the ultimate decision making authority for the open source project remains with me. But Joel is a gentleman of outstanding repute, so I doubt that will ever be a problem.

There’s no rule that says co-maintainers must work for R3. In future there might be other co-maintainers from outside our team. You’d need to have a track record of significant contribution to qualify for such a role though.


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