Re: Roadmap doc for project MAXIMUS

Mark Simpson


I’m wondering what your thinking is in terms of the concept of ‘serverless’ corda. The ability to deploy cordapps by just deploying jar(s) via an api into a hosted ‘cordas OS’  run under a specific identity is very appealing.
Having used amazon lamba to literally paste code into box on a webpage was very liberating.
Be great to hear what you think about taking it this far !

On 15 Oct 2018, at 11:40, Mike Hearn via Groups.Io <mike@...> wrote:

Matthew pointed out that we should clarify something.

Today the word "node" has a simple meaning - it's the thing that starts when you run Corda.

In a post-MAXIMUS world we will be redefining what the word "node" means slightly. The new definition will be something like, "the installation of Corda for your organisation". A node may be composed of multiple servers working together. This is already happening with the float/bridge/separate database server etc setup found in enterprise setups.

As part of this, apps will see what amounts to a virtualised node. The APIs can't change, so instead the current identity the node is acting as will change between runs of the app. Because of things like @CordaService this implies that apps may need slight adjustments to work efficiently on multi-identity nodes.

As we provide backwards compatibility, MAXIMUS nodes will be able to run existing apps. However not all the efficiency gains may be obtained in that case (it's a bit early to tell). If necessary the targetVersion mechanism will be used to let apps label themselves as having been tested against multi-identity nodes. Apps that target newer versions of the platform may need to provide a bit more info like whether a service is scoped to identity or process lifetime, things like that.

More info will be provided as this capability is developed.

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