Welcome to the new Corda platform engineering list

Mike Hearn



Welcome to the new forum for discussion of the design and development of the Corda platform.


Historically we’ve relied on a Discourse web forum for Corda discussions, augmented with Slack. Over time we’ve found that Stack Overflow works better for app developer Q&A, Slack is good for chit chat and real-time support, and that Discourse wasn’t sticking as a place to do complex design discussions. A mailing list is a more conventional forum for developer discussion in open source projects and so we’ll be migrating to this one.


You are strongly encouraged to subscribe to corda-announce, a low volume list where we’ll be posting announcements of new software versions and security alerts. We will continue to post announcements to the Slack #announcements channel, which is higher volume and also has information on blog posts, events and so on.


The purpose of this list is to:


  • Discuss design and development issues related to the Corda platform itself.
  • Coordinate members of the R3 engineering team.
  • Help the Corda community interact with each other and with the developers.


However, it is not intended to be a support forum. Questions about app development should go to Stack Overflow or Slack. Bug reports should go to GitHub issues. If those forums are not responsive or robust enough for you, R3 sells developer support packages that provide fast turnaround and investigation. Support requests posted here be redirected to those other places.








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