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Is there a way to get a idea of what these SQL incompatibilities may be beyond ANSI SQL?  Is there a template of SQL queries generated that can be tested against a database to assess compatibility?  A regression test suite perhaps?  If one actually provides a SQL engine, as we do on Hadoop (Apache Trafodion and EsgynDB), then we could get an assessment of the changes we would need to make in order to support Corda.  We do support Hibernate.




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Joel, if you don’t mind :) , can I pls answer ?


The answer is that no its not possible to just add any database that would be ordinarily pluggable under Hibernate, there are issues related to specific sql that used proprietary H2 features, as well as I’m told inconsistencies encountered in testing. Therefore , the answer is that the databases supported via Enterprise Corda are:



sql server

azure sql server



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Dear Experts,


Could you please help me to understand database connectivity architecture for corda .(I was able to run corda with postgres) . I would like to try other databases . Is it enough to add the database driver as a gradle dependency and try connecting to other databases ?






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