Re: Need to know on network map

Mike Hearn

If you're looking primarily for signed transaction graphs without the rest of Corda, what you might want to investigate is just using the "core" module alone, without the node at all. This would be a currently unexplored approach, but a lot of the code in Corda and the node is really about building that peer to peer network and providing distributed governance in various ways. If you don't want that, it's all superfluous and will get in the way.

For the firewalls, R3's enterprise version of Corda has a component called "Corda Firewall" which is designed to solve firewall traversal issues - it's what's called a cryptographic firewall, i.e. it makes per connection allow/deny decisions based on the certificate and public key of the peer rather than IP address. Corda Firewall has enabled even very conservative organisations with complex firewalls to deploy a node, as the node itself can run behind the firewall with only a small set of components outside.

Still, the problem remains that Corda really wants to be a p2p network. Providing SOCKS proxies or running nodes for your customers is probably the way to go.

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