Problem with proxy.startFlowDynamic


Hi everyone,

          I'm facing with proxy.startFlowDynamic.problem
          Related to I issued the FiatCurrency in shell successfully with the command :
tart FiatCurrencyIssueFlow currency: USD, amount: 100000000, recipient: PartyC

But when I tried to issue in Web controller by
     proxy.startFlowDynamic(FiatCurrencyIssueFlow.class ,"USD", 10000, otherParty)
     it throw exception as be low
net.corda.core.CordaRuntimeException: net.corda.serialization.internal.amqp.IllegalCustomSerializerException: exception(java.lang.Throwable) -> Custom serializer net.corda.serialization.internal.amqp.custom.ThrowableSerializer registered to serialize non-custom-serializable type class net.corda.core.flows.IllegalFlowLogicException
I worked with Java , Corda 4.1 and token SDK-1.0

I searched everywhere but only found but it isn't resolved yet and I'm not sure it is the problem I'm facing so if you have any experience to handle this issue , please help to tell me. Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
Son Huynh

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