Re: PyCorda: Python Node Analytics

Charles Monteiro

Or let’s put it another way when I had in the past asked You about using languages such as jruby or groovy to code smart contracts if I recall you stated that because the byte code generated and your notion of the deterministic Jvm that they would not be suitable 

So I wonder if it’s just the fact that a Lang can run on graal which groovy can , which will make corda accessible or is it also necessary that a language was built on Truffle e.g truffle ruby, truffle python implementation etc

Thanks for the feedback 

On Sep 16, 2019, 12:36 PM -0400, Charles Monteiro via Groups.Io <charles.monteiro@...>, wrote:

would anything that runs on Graal enjoy the same benefits? Groovy , Jruby?


On Sep 16, 2019, 9:17 AM -0400, Mike Hearn via Groups.Io <mike@...>, wrote:
Thanks Jamiel, looks good!

One thing you might want to play with is GraalPython. That would let you access the Corda APIs directly from an optimising Python 3 implementation that can use native modules.

Then you can use the vault query API, but direct query via JDBC and JPA would also work of course.

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