This list is primarily for helicopter enthusiasts, and covers
- changes of registrations, ownership etc from official registers (eg. CAA, FAA, etc)
- reports of what helicopters are seen where and when
- production list histories
- accident reports
- helping each other eg to identify a helicopter you saw but could not get the registration of
- civil and military helicopters, with higher coverage of civil
- helicopter industry news - and we recommend you check which runs significantly more helicopter industry news stories than any other site on the net
- NOTE >> we _expect_ all list members to contribute. Many contribute every week with reports of what they have seen, and so on.

This list is unlikely to be much help to
- professional pilots, unless of course you are also an enthusiast!
- private pilots, including students
- helicopter mechanics
- gyro enthusiasts, helicopter modellers, including radio-controlled
- those just wanting to sit back and not contribute (I expect everyone to contribute as they are able. This forum has progressed very well through mutual help and lots of people reporting things regularly and promptly after they see them).

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