Re: 141P in outburst

Bernd Klemt

Hello Michael,

Am 5 Mar 2021 um 15:36 hat michaeljaeger geschrieben:

Hello 141P, 2021 March 5.83: 20" radius - 16m3. I found 1' coma and 1,5' curved
tail to pa 61 (image 7x120 sec 12"/4 QHY600)
Cheers Michael J├Ąger
I started imaging it at 19:25 UT from G11 for 25 x 60 sec with a 12" f/8 RC +
focal reducer @ f/5.7 + G2-8300. The magnitude measured was 16m8.

The attached cropped image looks very simular.

Clear skies

Bernd Klemt
Sternwarte Herne (A18) and
Breitenweg Observatory (G11)


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