Re: Disintegration of Comet 249P/LINEAR

Bernd Lütkenhöner

Hello group,

I can confirm the observations reported in . My image was taken July 24 with the 0.5-m telescope of Canary Islands Observatory (G40). The exposure time was 12x50 s.

Kind regards


On 25.07.2020 21:02, Luke Dones wrote:
Maik Meyer posted this Astronomers' Telegram on Twitter a couple of days ago. It says that 249P passed perihelion at 0.51 au on June 29 and looked normal on July 5, but no point source was seen on July 21/22. It was expected to make the closest approach of a comet to the Earth in this decade (as far as I know), 0.0568 au in 2029.

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