Maik Meyer

Hello all,

my software spit out this morning a nice coincidence:

PCCP object A10j7UG and C/1844 Y1 (Great Comet) seem to have quite similar orbital elements. Also, here we have only a 4-day arc, so take this with a grain of salt:

C/1844 Y1 A10j7UG
peri 177.5 178.6
node 120.6 120.1
i 45.6 45.0
q 0.2505 0.2368
e 0.9930 1.0

Probably just a coincidence. It will much more interesting if the orbit for the PCCP object is really confirmed. Perihelion end of May at 0.24 AU seems to be nice and the pre-perihelion leg is good for Northerners but the absolute magnitude - even be subtracting 2 mag - might be just 12 mag.

Let's just keep an eye on it.

Kind regards

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