On donations

Dan Margulis

At this point almost 40 people have made donations, in addition to the ten who had done so previously. Thank you all, it is quite touching.

I will keep as much of this money as needed to cover my actual expenses on this list, but there will be hundreds of dollars left over. This should be spent to support some kind of educational activities. I am open to ideas, but the most obvious solution is to ship books, in the list’s name, to educational institutions and similar enterprises that might need them. These would be Modern Photoshop Color Workflow and/or On the Law of Simultaneous Contrast of Colors.

If you wish to consider either of these for classes, be aware that the first is heavy-duty color correction using some fairly advanced techniques, including the PPW panel. The second doesn’t even contain the word Photoshop and is accessible to anyone interested in the general color usage in a wide variety of settings. Its heart is a classic text on color by M.E. Chevreul, who published it in 1839 and consequently could not include the sophisticated color graphics that such a book requires. I add them and a considerable amount of text commentary as well. Although I do cover color correction concepts at length, I am just showing results, not how to achieve them. So, a reader need not even know how to use a computer to get value out of it.

If you know of worthy recipients for these books, please contact me offline. Since semesters will begin soon, we’ll try to get the books out rapidly if we can.

Any other ideas can be discussed here, of course. Also, this summer we did a series of 11 case studies where up to 30 list members tried their hands at some challenging corrections. It now looks like many of us are going to be stuck at home for a few more months, just as we were back then. So we should consider whether we want to try it again with a different group of images, in the same or a modified format.

Heartfelt thanks again to those who responded to the donation request, and holiday greetings to all.




Both are wonderful ideas!

Many can benefit from receiving your books and interesting case studies will be a welcome distraction in the weeks ahead.

Thanks Dan!