Mixed Artificial Lighting

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Because this is a complicated color problem that comes up from time to
time, especially for images shot on location, I forward this question,
which did not come from a list member. My response will be in a separate

Dan Margulis

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Date: Mon, Mar 19, 2001, 6:37 AM

RE: Mixed Artificial Lighting


I have "Professional Photoshop 6" which I have found incredibly useful and
informative and for which I thank and congratulate you.

Something I would really like a few pointers on though. I deal with lots of
images from museums and art galleries. Often these have very strong mixed
casts which I find impossibly difficult to fix with any sort of success
rate. A typical recent example is a dark bronze statue lit in a mixture of
daylight, mercury halide and possibly something else. Its cast is bright
yellow in the top half, a strong magenta in the lower half and some very
blue highlights for good measure. The nature and distribution of the
various casts make even a selection, er, challenging. Mercury Halide in
particular seems impossible as it doesn't seem to me to be linear.

I realise you must be very busy and are probably plagued by such requests,
but any advice or links (or even which sections of your book I should read
again) on the subject of strong mixed casts would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,