Layer stacking

Dan Margulis

On Jul 8, 2020, at 2:58 PM, Rick Gordon <lists@...> wrote:

What I've done for the last couple of weeks is to download all of the entries and: 
  • Load them each into a separate layer with File > Scripts > Load Files into Stack.

  • Usually I convert the file to Lab at that point, since I find that most of my adjustments tend to be in Lab, and if I need another color space for something, I can create a smart object to do it in.

  • Locate mine and group it alone into a layer group, so that I can then I can add adjustments clipped to my own image.

  • By option-clicking between the various entries, I can see what I like from them, and then try to improve my own image, without affecting the others, since all of my adjustments are within a clipping mask.
Doing these exercises, and then trying an improved version after viewing all of the others as been a revelation — often humbling — but once having seen what cues I missed, the fixes are often surprisingly trivial.

A reminder that the PPW panel can achieve this useful stack semi-automatically with its Variants feature. As you are going along in a correction, you can save a Variant whenever you like, and later open them individually or as a stack, whereupon you can go through the exercise described above if desired.

The Variants can be given names if you like when they are saved. They all are saved into a dedicated folder, which can be trashed whenever you decide you no longer need it.