FYI: interesting article on simultaneous contrast


The May issue of Discover magazine has an interesting read:
Dovetails with Dan’s latest tome. Makes me wonder if the author has read any of Dan’s works. Also, when he claims to have compared 500 paintings, I wonder how uneven aging (read color shifts – mostly toward sepia/yellow) was compensated for. Anyway, worth reading.
Steve J


Steve, you may have noticed that during partial or total eclipses, the shadows under trees, for example, become quite unique! The last time I had the time to spend some minutes in such an eclipse, around midday, made me think in terms of "round pixels", (with an amazing yellow-orange hue, that you can only observe at the end of the sunset), as opposed to the square pixels we use as the foundation for digital photography.

Seeing the paintings and pictures in the reportage make me re-think my interpretation and probably impressionists, pointillists and other painters may have seen and used this observation and apply it to their work, as a quite unusual "new" way to portray natural light and it's color. 
Jorge Parra