FW: A unique color-testing opportunity

Robert S Baldassano



From: Robert Baldassano <robsbchat@...>
Sent: Wednesday, November 11, 2020 4:19 PM
Subject: Re: A unique color-testing opportunity


Dan I have my cataract surgery done about 4 years ago by the surgeon who invented the minimalist method of doing the surgery where they insert the lens folded so a smaller incision is used. If I recall correctly, I did each eye a day apart. He also did an astigmatism  correction in the process. Since I used standard lenses, I had to choose if I wanted near or far vision without glasses. I chose far and had perfect distance vision, but needed a very small correction for close up work. So over 4 years, I have only had a very small correction to my near vision and an infinitesimal correction for astigmatism in my left eye. That required a minimal correction for my glasses. I still can drive legally without glasses. After surgery, the main difference I noticed were 2 things. First everything was much brighter, often requiring sunglasses out doors. The second thing I noticed was all colors were much more vivid. I did not notice any color shifts if there were any, only an increase in saturation.  


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