First Report on my today's Photoshop upgrade (is not good).

bill bane

Today, on my second/spare computer, which is a new Asus Windows 10 laptop, I let Creative Cloud do its update. I was not asked!!


The first thing that shook me was that, after the updates were done and had no messages, as I opened Photoshop, I saw a very brief, and only passing, message that said something about not finding what it expected. Then, I got a permanent message saying the install did not find the expected hardware so it was being installed as “default hardware”, whatever that is. Perhaps it explains the next problems in part…


The most important failure was that when I went to Window>Extensions, the word “extensions” as is now (and in the past) shown on my main computer, is changed to “extensions (legacy)”. (Straight away, this confirms that Adobe has screwed things up.) It does list PPW tools 5, and I selected this. What opened was the plugin “screen”, but other than “PPW Tools 5” at the top, it was completely empty!!!!! The hamburger tab on the upper right only gave close options.


I then went to Actions, and saw all the actions I think. Since I have only very seldom used these, I may not be accurate in what follows. These are my sample results:

  1. All the hammers seem to work correctly.
  2. Color boost seems to work, also “LAB color boost”
  3. The false Cmyk seemed to complete but only one layer was set, so I think this means a not work
  4. Neither “Modern Man from Mars” or “MMM + Color boost” worked. After hitting run, I got the following messages saying the [following] commands are not currently available: duplicate, make, set, select, and delete. Perhaps there is something that can be done to make them available that I do not know about?
  5. HK has many of the same “not currently available” messages.


Assuming I have not done something stupid, almost all of my other “extensions” are now not even visible, so this problem is broad based, and perhaps the outcry will be sufficient for the tyrant Adobe to provide some fixing. FYI, my Extensions that are no longer there are: CPT, False Profile 2, Fixel FFT wizard 2, Lumenzia, Mask Equalizer, and Shape.


This leads me to ask a question and make a suggestion:

  1. Does anyone know how I/we can make sure that Adobe, for certain, will not update Photoshop?
  2. My suggestion: no matter what, Adobe has screwed up the PPW extension. Almost all of us have indicated a willingness to provide financial support for keeping the site open and Dan has agreed. My suggestion is that we all be willing to provide $$ to help insure that the extension makes it through this Adobe upgrade. I am, again, certainly willing.


I will hope that all of this is a false alarm and something peculiar to my setup and/or hardware configuration, but I doubt it.






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Dan, I wonder whether the heretofore generous & benevolent Giuliana has indicated at least minimal availability after you're formally out of the picture, possibly with, e.g., occasional maintenance updates.

Alec Dann

To answer your first question: you can modify Creative Cloud's behavior in the Creative Cloud Preferences.  Select the Apps tab (left side) and turn off Auto-Update for Photoshop and any other apps you where you want to control when upgrades are applied.