Fiery RIP...

James Steincamp <steiny@...>

Hi John...

Our GM will get back from vacation early next week and I'll submit the PO
for the Epson 5500. I've got a few reservations, not about the printer, but
about the pace of growth in the department.

Seeing as we're already flirting with a ten to twelve person deign staff
I've been concerned that one printer alone is not really up to the task of
supporting ten users under heavy usage. The printers themselves are pretty
cheap so that's not really an issue, but the RIP boxes are quite pricey by

I took a gander at Fiery's site and saw that they have perhaps a half dozen
solutions, but not much detail and zero pricing details. I'd hate to get an
Epson 5500 + RIP and then realise that we actually need a second set-up...
or to phrase it more explicitly, I'd hate to have to explain to my boss why
that little box that cost so much won't support additional printers. What
I'm wondering is:

Is there a Fiery RIP for the Epson line of ink-jet printers that is enabled
to support more than one printer and robust enough to make that a viable
option? What are the options (outside of getting an NT box with BestColor)?