{Disarmed} Re: Where to from here?

David Riecks


I would recommend looking at

I know of several groups who have moved there. IIRC most of the content and members were able to be moved with little effort by the moderators. 

I can get more details to you here or offline. As based on the notice Kevin posted, I'll be moving severa groups which I run/moderate over in the next month. 


On 2019-10-16 05:03, dmargulis DMargulis@... [COLORTHEORY] wrote:

Dan Margulis
Kevin Crosado writes,
Seems there won't be much left of Yahoo Groups in less than a month:


Holy cow, this is news to me. This group apparently has five days to live!
I guess the temporary response is to make more use of, but other ideas are welcome. I expect there would be considerable opposition to Facebook, and in view of the lessened traffic in this group in recent years there's no justification for some new ambitious step.
More when I get a chance to think about it, but any more ideas?

Posted by: dmargulis

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