By the numbersÅ 

Joey Benton <jwbenton@...>

With the advent and popularity of digital cameras in newspaper
photojournalism a new beast has really reared its head.
It seems that unlike film that absorbs light consistently across the
spectrum (at least in theory) the digital CCDs on some digital cameras
(specifically the Nikon D1) the absorption seems to inconsistent (i.e. skin
tones are absorbing more magenta than say wood).

I have jumped through some major hoops with the curves and a mixture of
plate blending in both RGB and CMYK with sometimes great results and
sometimes a horrific outcome.

Trying not to over explain but often time I have, say a jacket, with an
appropriate CMYK value and faces with way too much magenta. Short of
selecting each object with the wrong value is there another way, as I try to
use the magic wand as little as possible?

Joey Benton