A unique color-testing opportunity-suggestion

Jim Bean

suggestion from jim bean


cataract surgery and lens implants are now common place… I happen to be friends with two highly proficient

eye surgeons that each greatly contributed to my quality of life. However, if I were not to have decent insurance,

it would be a real challenge to pay for those services out-of-pocket.


Recently, I realized that I was not hearing more than a few frequencies. I am now in possession of the ‘latest/greatest’ hearing aids. They are amazing and I now realize that my simple guitar skills are actually

much better than I assumed.


the ‘take away’: I live in the great state of Texas (as advertised, everything bigger/better/etc) …  We enjoy a state commission (Texas Workforce Commission) that facilitates most ‘challenged’ workers. As I could easily demonstrate the need for better hearing capabilities in my occupation, I qualified for financial assistance.  (You could purchase a new automobile for what my hearing devices cost)


Eyesight in Texas is at the top of the list for support, employment requirements or otherwise. If you are not

financially able to afford essential cataract and associated surgeries, please consider contacting

your state agencies to see if they can offer support. It would be easy to demonstrate the improving your eyesight would directly impact your ability to continue working within the imaging industry.


wishing everyone continued success during these ‘interesting times’,