Phishing Scam warning

Gerald Bakker

Yesterday I received an e-mail that looked as follows (sensitive data scrambled):

The contract has been updated, please check.
Archive password: 7777

Rick, the classification "too old" is strange. My PC dates from 2011 and I was able to migrate from 7 to 10 without any hassle.
More likely, any of your hardware components does not support the migration, e.g. because the manufacturer refuses to release W10 compatible drivers. You may try to find out exactly where the problem lies and consider replacing only the part that blocks the update.
Another option is to migrate to Windows 8. Maybe that works, and it gives you 3 years extra support.

I don't know if running Photoshop under Linux is a good idea. I myself use LInux on a laptop, with a Windows VM. The VM is clearly less responsive and less stable than a native Windows system. Plus, you need to share system resources like memory over two operating systems. A dual boot may be viable, but then you still have the issue of running an unsupported OS?
Gerald Bakker

The forwarded text of this mail (starting with "Rick,") is a message that I posted here a few weeks ago. The text above that looks like someone forwarded my post to inform me of some new information about the subject. The google drive link exists and consists of a ZIP file. In it, a small Visual Basic script that looks very suspect, and is indeed listed as a Phishing Scam on some websites. (E.g. have a look at

Be warned! The listed sender of this e-mail is a member of the group, but I'm quite sure that this person did not actually send the mail. Presumably anyone here can be a target of such a scam mail. I'm afraid this is an unfortunate consequence of the fact that our discussions are now open.
Gerald Bakker

Aaron Elin

I received the same email and it isn’t addressed to the group but to my personal email. I didn’t open the zip file because it most likely isn’t safe.

Mike Weis

I got a slew of them yesterday, most referencing this group. Somebody’s up to something.

berdov f

I learned not to trust ANY e-mail, inspect them all carefully before opening. Last week there were two from "DHL" reminding to pay them $4.95 for delivery. This morning there was an offer of "fantastic joint venture". Oh, and there two from "silver singles". That's how it goes. Trash them and forget.

Boris Feldblyum

On Saturday, February 1, 2020, 2:19:02 PM EST, Mike Weis <weezimp@...> wrote:

I got a slew of them yesterday, most referencing this group. Somebody’s up to something.