One Month Later

Dan Margulis <76270.1033@...>

Posts that are not related to color aren't welcome in this group. I would
like to make a brief exception here in view of the circumstances, asking
that there be no replies so that we can get back to imaging.

One month ago today all of our lives were changed irretrievably. As one who
lives in one of the hardest-hit communities, I observe that most of us here
were not terrorized as much as overwhelmed by the enormity of what occurred
and outraged at being members of the same species as those who brought it

Since that time many of us have been suffering from a profound sadness as
we are constantly exposed to persons whose lives have been shattered: not
just those who have lost a loved one, but the vastly greater number who
have lost their homes or their jobs or been bankrupted. A routine visit to
my doctor yesterday wound up with me treating her as much as the other way
around: confronted with patients so disabled by their grief that they can
no longer cope with life, she herself is having difficulty coping.

In the first few days I was as devastated as anyone else, if not more. One
of the biggest factors in my recovery was the extraordinary number of
messages from persons living in other countries, expressing their
solidarity and offering to help in any way. Many of these came from members
of this list. In a time of great sorrow they were a forceful reminder that
we are all citizens of the world, and that the presence of evil in the
world does not diminish the essential goodness of those who live in it.

Because it was not feasible then to respond to every message, now seems
appropriate to express my deepest gratitude--and, I am sure, that of all
others afflicted by the tragedy--to those who sent personal messages of
support at the time they were most needed.

Dan Margulis