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Andrew Rodney <andrew@...>

on 1/1/01 1:49 PM, Chris Murphy at lists@... wrote:

I understand Pictographics has a new product called inCamera
Professional. I haven't had a chance to use it yet. Praxisoft also has a
digital camera product as well. Andrew?

The stuff from Pictographics is pretty nice. I like how you can control the number of patches on the new Gretag target to avoid the gloss patches if you wish. They need to clean up the UI but the product seems to work well.

I’ve seen huge improvements in D1 capture by simply creating a custom profile and assigning it then converting to the Working Space. There is an example of some skin tone off a D1 with and without a profile at on the tips page. It’s a small download and illustrates how the difference simply describing the color off the D1 (or any digital cameras) provides so much better results.

Andrew Rodney