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We've gotten several requests for an Applied Color Theory list FAQ.
Sterling and I have agreed on the following as a start. We'll probably post
it monthly. Like any other FAQ, it will change, so comments and suggestions
are welcome--nothing's set in stone. If you'd like to comment, please do so
to me or to Sterling privately.

Dan Margulis

Frequently Asked Questions--Applied Color Theory list

The objective of this list is to exchange information that may benefit
those who have taken or are considering taking my Applied Color Theory
courses, or who are interested in topics covered in my books, plus related
topics. This roughly comprises color correction and other methods that aim
at creating satisfactory images, normally for print purposes, occasionally

This group is for the rapid interchange of information. Posts that are
essentially chatting should be kept to a minimum.

Many of the people subscribing to this list hail from regions where e-mail
service is unreliable and expensive. Also, English is not the first
language for many subscribers. Therefore, we request that you keep your
postings not just concise, but in simple and understandable language.

Members of the list should not post anonymously. One's full correct name
should appear either in the return address or the sig line. The reason for
this requirement is to avoid irresponsible postings or attacks hidden
behind anonymity. There are, however, certain valid reasons why a list
member might wish to avoid signing his name. In such cases, please forward
the message to me and I will post it if appropriate. Obviously, I will not
post it if it contains personal attacks or other objectionable material.

Unlike many other lists, if you hit "reply" to a message, you will be
sending the reply only to the sender, not to the group as a whole. If you
wish the entire group to see the message, it has to be addressed to

Instructions on how to unsubscribe are given at the bottom of each post. If
you have any difficulty in either unsubscribing or in posting to the group,
consider the possibility that you are no longer posting or receiving under
the exact address with which you subscribed. If there are still
difficulties, contact the list administrator, Sterling Ledet,

Unlike other lists, we do not censor material prior to posting it. However,
we do reserve the right to limit people's postings under several
circumstances, of which the following are examples.

1. If in my judgment, a thread is going on too long, I will post publicly
to the list and to all participants a request to bring it to a close. My
criteria in doing this may include: limited interest of the thread to the
vast majority of the group; repetition of the same points over and over; or
participation only by a few members.

2. If in my judgment, a list member is being unduly vituperative or
personal in posted comments, I will send that person a complaint in
private. If the posting is so grossly offensive that I feel the whole list
would thank us for bouncing the member immediately, I will recommend that
the administrator do that, and will post this publicly.

3. We reserve the right to limit the sheer volume of posting allowed by any
list member.

4. If in my judgment, a list member is posting material that is overly
commercial in nature, I will send that person a complaint in private.

5. Flagrantly off-topic posts, such as political statements, will result in
the sender being removed from the list immediately.

6. Members are reminded that, while general discussion of color management
is welcome, lengthy threads on color management esoterica belong on the
ColorSync users list. To subscribe to that list, visit

Nobody wants this to become an advertising list, but In practice it is
difficult to draw a fine line between a comment and a product plug. Members
are requested to use restraint and to ask themselves whether what they are
posting is something that a significant number of readers would be
interested in. That said, brief plugs are permitted. Similarly, new product
announcements are permitted, but the preferred form is to announce briefly
and indicate to the list members where further information is available.

Repeated commercial posts are prohibited. Also, there will be little to no
tolerance for commercial posts from persons who are not otherwise
participating in the list.

Unnecessarily lengthy signature lines that advertise services are

If you are planning to be out of the office for a while, please be sure
that you do NOT send auto-replies to the list.

If you have doubts as to the propriety of posting something, please feel
free to contact me directly.

From time to time, we post edited full threads at the web site,

Attachments of any kind to files are prohibited.

Members are entitled to know if posters have commercial affiliations that
might affect their views as to the topics they post about. If you have such
an affiliation, you are expected to disclose it. This doesn't mean in every
post, but often enough so that the readers will be in no doubt as to what
your biases might be.

This list is sponsored by Sterling Ledet & Associates, an Internet and
graphic arts training company with facilities in the Atlanta, Chicago, New
Orleans, and San Diego areas. For further information concerning its
offerings, visit or call 877-819-2665 (770-414-5007 from
outside U.S.)

Dan Margulis
Last revised: 12/13/00