Seeking CM reference site

Gordon Pritchard <gordon_pritchard@...>

Much has been written on this forum about the increasing adoption and
success of ICC color management among printers.

I would appreciate hearing from Chris M, Andrew R, or other consultants or
their clients regarding any reference site(s) that I could visit.

I would like to visit:
1) Commercial sheetfed shop -- any size
2) I would also like to visit and speak to one or more of their customers
3) Don't care if CTP or film
4) Don't care whose equipment they use.
5) Prefer a shop on the west coast (same time zone as me) Seattle to San
Diego and any point between

I am not in sales. I will not reveal any "secrets".

Please contact me on or off line to arrange.

thx, gordo

Gordon Pritchard
Commercial Print Specialist
Vancouver Canada
T: 604.451.2700 ext 2870
C: 604.351.2437

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