Re: ICC profiles and digi-cam

Andrew Rodney <andrew@...>

on 6/20/01 6:05 AM, Bob Smith at rmsmith@... wrote:

Mike makes the case that building a profile
based on a simple RGB space definition (like a custom RGB working space) is
going to be better suited for using the camera under a broad range of
conditions than a profile based on LUTs as most input profiles are. With
the D1, I believe that what Mike has done is simply come up with a custom
working space that more closely fits the D1's usual RGB than any of the
built in spaces in Photoshop. Files are then moved from that space to a
more normal space upon opening in Photoshop. Comments?
IF one can push and pull the RGB from such a camera into a definition of a
custom working space (which is a rather simple description that only needs
to specify chromaticity, white point and gamma), then I see no reason why it
couldnĀ¹t work.

Andrew Rodney

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