Re: listbot vs egroups

Dan Margulis <76270.1033@...>

Ron writes,

There was a message recently that said the list was being "moved".
I assumed that meant the old one would disappear and submissions
would be forwarded, but apparently not. Since both are supported
by advertising, I don't know if the people who own the servers
have any incentive to cooperate.<<

Sterling decided to move the list to egroups when listbot decided to place
the ads at the top of the messages. Also, egroups allows people to
subscribe in digest mode, which had been a major request from those who are
not interested in getting 12 messages a day whenever the subject of color
management crawls out from under its rock.

The listbot list still functions but we request that people change the
address for posting to This is not just to avoid
the obnoxious advertising at top, but because messages posted to listbot
won't be included in the digests, and also because anyone who subscribed to
this group following the change (and there have been a lot) won't receive
messages addressed to listbot. Anybody who's subscribed to *either* list
will receive messages from egroups.

I assume that Sterling will close listbot completely in a few weeks once
it's become clear that everyone has switched over.

Dan Margulis

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