Digital Photo Conversions


Can someone point me to a good source to understand how to take
Digital Photo's from Scitex Leaf, Canon and Kodak DCS; convert
Portrait shots from their software over to Adobe Photoshop.
I understand most Photo studios may use gray cards to assist one in
getting the correct color balance. The shots I'm currently recieving
do not contain such so we have no idea where to go with these shots.
I have begun looking at manuals but I agree they are not very good at
going into detail as to what you do with a capture once it is shot.
I'm taking these RGB files and exporting them into Photoshop and
making all my color moves there.
I do catalog work and prefer not to spend time on making color moves
for each individual image at first. I would like to get them all in
good range, proof, then make all my individual moves later.
However the color range I am getting currently from these files is not
Thanks in advance

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