Re: undocumented "features"

Dan Margulis <76270.1033@...>

Harold writes,

Do you know of a source for any of the "undocumented features" of canon
equipment. I find it so amazing that it is not possible to find addiquate
documentation for our equipment. In years past most good equipment was
sold with adiquate documentation. Now half the Photoshop manual is "see
online or CD for complete explanation of this feature". This is very sad.
I expect this crap from Epson but not Adobe, Canon, and Nikon.>>

The sort of thing we were talking about won't be found in any
documentation. That a lot of devices behave better in Apple RGB or
something similar is because some engineers somewhere along the line
thought that that was what people wanted and put in a few kludges that
nobody knows about, least of all the people involved in preparing the

As for Canon and Nikon, they have the difficult chore of coming up with
documentation for some of their lower end products knowing that some
professionals will use them but that 99% of the users won't be

Adobe's documentation, IMHO, is generally tops in the industry, with the
notable exception of the Photoshop 5 release. However, Photoshop has become
such a behemoth that to do a truly comprehensive user manual would take
1000 pages. I think what they offer is a reasonable coompromise.
Dan Margulis

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