Questions and grain


Thank you all for your constructive comments about my color settings.
Some of you mentioned "learning the numbers". I need to know what
this means. and is the subject covered in Dan's book Professional
Photoshop 6?

Because of weather conditions and low light situations I find myself
using more high speed film 800, 1600, etc. Because the faster films
tend to grainy I found this can create a problem when the negative is
scanned. For a regular 8x10 I usually set unsharp at amount 120;
radius 1.0; threshold 5. (I scan most negatives at 300 dpi). But when
you are using 800 or 1600 speed film the picture will be more
graining as the amount is raised. Then you get things like white
spots in dirt forgrounds. So the last time I used 800 speed film I
set the amount to 60 and got a better result.

Kodak has changed the Ektapress 800, 1600, and 3200 films to Supra
800. Accordding to the tech sheets the film has been engineered for
better scanning.

Recently I used this film on a really overcast day. For some reason I
messed up my framing and had to use the computer to rescue the orders
that came in. I scanned the pictures at 890%; 300 dpi and then
applied the unsharp mask at A-6-; R-1.0; T-5. the results were a
pretty good illusion of sharpness.

I also recently had a costumer return a print I had enhance because
it was too grainy. The picture was shot on 800 speed film pushed to
1600. The mistake I made was to set the amount too high when I
unsharpened. Not only did the picture look grainy. ther was a color
shift in the grey horse that gave it a blue twinge.

Now an aside for Dan regarding layers and file size. I learned a
couple of tricks the other day when I was working on a image with
about 16-18 layers. the first problem I encountered was trying to
save and then re-open the file. I only have 300 megs free on my hard
drive so I crashed.

So to work around these problems I merged down what layers I could.
Then after I saved I turned off all the layers but the background.
Then when I closed I had a smaller file that was easier to open and
all I had to do was turn the layers back on.

Gary Owens

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